Is it time for legal restrictions on Mobile usage?

from wavelinks#6 april 2001 WAP, SMS and PDAs are discreet; voice calls on mobiles in public places are not. In fact, they are becoming more intrusive socially than smoking ever was. Over the past five years (1996-2001) I have carried out a personal non-scientific study into mobile phone usage on the Dublin Area Rapid Transit…

Phantom FM

“for the words of the prophet written on the studio wall, concert hall, echoes with the sounds of salesmen” …. remember when album sleeves had warnings on them, remember when the best radio in the city came from a fleet of abwood barna sheds? its back,,,, tuesday at noon 105.2FM on da radio phantom fm…

the perfect word for redundancy reported Cadbury Schweppes has exploited the continued global growth of chewing gum and tapped into emerging new markets to report increased sales for 2005. Sales were £6.5bn in 2005, an increase of seven per cent on 2004, while operating profit grew to £873m, up 13 per cent from the previous year. The company’s confectionery…

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goodbye fran

my TV choices tonight RTE1 10.15pm raging bulls – Fran Rooney BBC Four 11:00pm Good Bye, Lenin! sometimes working for fran rooney was like making those faked newscasts in goodbye lenin. fran proved that the stock exchange was not the best medium to redistribute wealth after all.

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McWilliams V Higgins

David McWilliams V Joe Higgins TD, I have podcast both of these guys separately before but never together, so now I can Oct 20th the big debate. Teachers Club Parnell Square Dublin 8pm. 20/10/2006.