the perfect word for redundancy

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Cadbury Schweppes has exploited the continued global growth of chewing gum and tapped into emerging new markets to report increased sales for 2005.

Sales were £6.5bn in 2005, an increase of seven per cent on 2004, while operating profit grew to £873m, up 13 per cent from the previous year.

The company’s confectionery revenues were up 6.3 per cent, resulting in market share grains in 16 out of its 20 top markets.

450 redundancies in the Coolock plant on the back of 13% profit rise that was a rise of 1300 million euros.

groups representing workers (unions) need focus on this, their role is not to negotiate a better than statutory redundancy, how about fight for their jobs, think 1,300 million euros extra in 2005.

rte says

A SIPTU spokesperson said the union understood the redundancies were in the context of a commitment by Cadburys to remain in Ireland and to maintain employment in Coolock. SIPTU is awaiting an assessment of the company statement from shop stewards at the plant.

RTE report on the 9o’clock news said talk of outsourcing was been looked at. 9.68 billion euros in 2005 does NOT equal operating in a very competitive environment and was facing increased costs! not when market share grains, in 16 out of its 20 top markets.

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