Pi5 arrives

A Pi 5 I ordered on October 1st arrived December 28th. Almost 3 months. The absence makes the heart grow fonder or the chase is better than the kill. My Pi5 will live beside my Pi3 until Pi5 does all the media / data crunching tasks that the Pi3 does. I skipped Pi4 when I…

Live Blog

[Full Screen] This is where I live blog and collaborate with others to live blog.


Lifetime ambition to be a stockbroker Meanwhile he’s happy with horses & pokerGambling away his weekly wages it’s ruining his life in predictable stagesA house & a home were lost last year And the odds aren’t high for a stable careerThe fluttering expert has gone to the dogs  A weekly night out from the bookies…

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World Radio Day

A flash back to WRD 2018 Talking to Justin Behan (Radio Amateur) Lar Wright (iRadio) Mike Wright (ex RTÉ / Radio Caroline North) Rory Hinchey (Phoenix Amateur Radio Club, Coolmine, D15)

Victoria Keating

September 1st 2021 – Recovery Month. I interviewed Cork Singer Songwriter Victoria Keating. The winner in this recording is the truth. The format length allowed time to get deep into conversation and explore the recovery journey and music and then more time to explore the intersection of both. Thank you to Victoria for being so…

Programming the 80s

image via Damian Scattergood scattergood.io

Before the 1980s coding was inaccessible and difficult. Along came affordable home computing and things got a little bit easier. But the simplistic capabilities of the hardware made the coding more challenging as bedroom coders pushed the chips to their limits. I talk to Damian Scattergood of scattergood.io about programming the early years of the…

voice reel

radio voice over artist – Dublin – Ireland – for advertising, promotions, narration, podcasting & radio voiceover work. email brian@radio.ie

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