Pi5 arrives

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A Pi 5 I ordered on October 1st arrived December 28th. Almost 3 months. The absence makes the heart grow fonder or the chase is better than the kill.

My Pi5 will live beside my Pi3 until Pi5 does all the media / data crunching tasks that the Pi3 does. I skipped Pi4 when I learned that is was not much better than the Pi3 at doing DTT TV things with the Pi Hat for digital TV.

Pi5 runs hotter than Pi3 and it has a built in (in case) fan that will run when the core temp is very high.

The Pi3 on ethernet cable had a max download of 100Mbit/s. The Pi5 is in the gigabit era where I am getting 900+Mbits/s on download and upload is maxed at 100Mbits/s.

Both Pi boards run headless with control to them over VNC.

I need to get back to some bigger beast servers too which are in handover stage of moving data and services to the newer machine.