Pi5 arrives

A Pi 5 I ordered on October 1st arrived December 28th. Almost 3 months. The absence makes the heart grow fonder or the chase is better than the kill. My Pi5 will live beside my Pi3 until Pi5 does all the media / data crunching tasks that the Pi3 does. I skipped Pi4 when I…

Live Blog

[Full Screen] This is where I live blog and collaborate with others to live blog.

World Radio Day

A flash back to WRD 2018 Talking to Justin Behan (Radio Amateur) Lar Wright (iRadio) Mike Wright (ex RTÉ / Radio Caroline North) Rory Hinchey (Phoenix Amateur Radio Club, Coolmine, D15)


Today after 19 years on FTA TV I added IPTV. The range of services available is very good. Of course I keep my FTA as well. IPTV lacks teletext and red button services and radio…. Vodafone forgot ‘radio on TV’ and limited radio selection. There really is a gap in the market for FTA catch…

Continuity BBC

Can anyone remember what BBC Continuity used to talk about before they had to cross promote BBC Sounds and iPlayer? Tune to local radio, alert to a new show that is coming up, tell key holders to return to their shops because of incendiary devices.

Music Radio

spin the deck: 0 supporters can spin the deck and increase the counter and show how much they are enjoying the tunes they hear on stream. Other versions could be media players that track movement and reward the tracked followers with tokens and virtual gifts. Gamification of media loyalty.

HORACE PANTER Cassettes 2021

Also known as the bassist from The Specials, Horace has always been fascinated by the humble cassette, which played such a pivotal role in the dissemination of music in the 1970s and 80s.  Cassettes may be obsolete, but they still evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia.  Taking inspiration from the Pop Art tradition, Horace has created…