Shay Healy

does anyone have a copy of shay’s 1980’s recording “take a walk on the northside” parody of ‘walk on the wild side’? mp3 please please please;, get him back in to do it on Dame Street (southside).

Quando Parti

this governments got to go. Quando Parti nice bounce in the polls for PD led FF Govt. but is it a bounce too soon. Six long months I spent in Dublin, learning to dance for ….. (6 months to go)…. Fianna Fáil paddypower odds. [12/10/2006] FF/PD’S 5 – 4 FG/LAB/Green 11 – 4 FF/LAB 7…

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the local library

while on an infrequent excursion to pay the kiddies fines on library books and take out more future fines (i mean books) I noticed the small little computer section of books totalling about 50. among them was The Rough Guide To Blogging by Jonathan Yang. its new oct/2006 and I’m the first borrower! my take…

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Bluetooth invades Maxol reports “Capitalising on the recent legislation to ban holding a mobile phone while driving, the handset manufacturer Plantronics has done a deal with Maxol to sell wireless headsets in its petrol station forecourts around the country.” 8< not so many years ago when pump pricing began to get wired underground from pump to…

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understanding smart moves

Smart Telecom is leaving behind the landline only business.  But why? and why are they remaining in the broadband market where they have number portability issues. This has shades of the NTL phone collapse in 2003. A privatised phone system in Ireland is again failing the citizens of Ireland while the copper has been speculated…

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any one for chess

dutch hackers (whitehats?) break into Nedap voting machines Live on television in Holland. [rte report] Dr. Minister Roche, the children of Ireland could use these voting machine as chess teaching machines, would you consider taking them out of expensive storage and touring the country with them (yes you can come along with these machines for…

joe blogs

joe higgins TD (SP) speaking last week in the Dáil on Betrie’s loan. like playing handball against the haystack. thud. 4pm. Dáil TV today. [mp3] [Socialist Party]