the local library

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while on an infrequent excursion to pay the kiddies fines on library books and take out more future fines (i mean books) I noticed the small little computer section of books totalling about 50. among them was The Rough Guide To Blogging by Jonathan Yang. its new oct/2006 and I’m the first borrower! my take on the book (after 1 day) while its hard to find many things I didn’t know it firms up a lot of the thoughts I held on blogging and it strikes of reality with regard to the hobby of blogging. It seems to be way up to date in some areas of technology but is not as skewed to WP as the real world is. Buy it or borrow it, for a good flick. Im jumping around the book in non linear fashion (that’s what eleven years browsing does to ya) my crappy rating system says 7/10.

The library is a great institution. Lending borrowing sharing. Books CDs DVDs internet connections, in a world of low fare privatised extravision playstationism etc. the libraries of Ireland are clinging on to a citizen service that is all too easy to forget, with that next book arriving in brown cardboard from I also borrowed a CD called other voices – songs from a room 2. Sounding good, beats limewire any day…. [library baldoyle fingal dublin ireland]

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