Bluetooth invades Maxol

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“Capitalising on the recent legislation to ban holding a mobile phone while driving, the handset manufacturer Plantronics has done a deal with Maxol to sell wireless headsets in its petrol station forecourts around the country.”
8< not so many years ago when pump pricing began to get wired underground from pump to shop the forecourt owners banned CB radio transmission on the forecourts by way of notice. Not because the RF could start a fire but the RF of a carrier wave or modulation free AM signal could 'clock' the pump or freeze its movement. Cheap fill up.! My iPod volume goes from 10% to 90% twice a second when the W800 gprs phone is sending data beside iPod. Will Harald Bluetooth invade Maxol?, or is new millenium cable shielding so much better that the late 1980's. Harald Bluetooth last invaded the "Four Courts" of Dublin in the tenth century btw don't buy shell; & don't send shell to sea, take back the drill rights that are ours and send shell home.