Eircom drop broadband price

mine is down €10 a month (or so it says) so this is the same price as eircom anytime at 29.99 a month? for 150 hours pstn 33/56Kbits/s ?

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my kind of shop

I’m in the peaceful surroundings of drumshanbo Co. Leitrim, I need Mini Discs from a mini disc shop (specialist like ya know) and they also do TV aerials so I can get all the coax I need that side on the shannon (both sides; for my dxpeditions on shortwave with less QRM than the city)…

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emusic.com cancelled

I just remembered to cancel my subscription to emusic.com before the free trial ended and before the charge kicks in for October. I cant remember what the charge would be but around 14, on leaving they offered 20 tracks over 30 days for 7.99 but I declined, reason being not enough chart, or folk or…