whip around for me gas bill anyone?

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Since 2002 [in Ireland], electricity has jumped by 90%, while gas has soared by 126%.

From today gas prices will rise by 34% – sanctioned by the Government, with domestic electricity prices to go up by 19.4% on 1 January. In winter months such increases alone could add more that €100 to household energy costs. This is a huge concern for working class people.

On top of that, if you are paying back a mortgage, then your living standards are facing a sharp decline. Interest rates rises are expected to continue later this year and into next. Repayments on a mortgage of €225,000 over 25 years could be €200 a month more this December than last year. Up to 130,000 households with mortgages will face serious financial readjustments and problems. 30% of people surveyed said that they were not in a position to deal with any new rates increases based on their current income!

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