Ryder Cup TV Rights

I don’t play golf (the chip on my shoulder affects my swing) and I don’t care who wins, I am worried and the commerce of it all, the rip off prices and the media rights surrounding it. basically if you need a case study for corporate influence in sport this is it. And its in…

16 years before ipod

16 years b.i. before podcasters there were lancasters mk2 this photo shot 18/09/2006 in radio.wxtc.net 10 months ago I sold 2x SL1210s and bought and iPod. I miss my records, iTunes emusic and allofthosemp3 sites dont have my record collection! i do. The size of them.. the kids were asking what they were, what they…

iTunes report a concern

update: 22/09; concern reported, feature now works. 🙂   i was trying to report a concern about a podcast in the iTunes store. but in iTunes 6 & 7 the ‘report a concern’ link was broken. solution:- link was http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/reportPodcast?id=SOME_ID which fails but https://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/reportPodcast?id=SOME_ID worx…. so enter it (with correct podcast ID) into firefox or…

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waiting for bono on bebo

waiting for bono on bebo [mp3] Waiting for Colgan I’m so tired, I’m so tired of the telephone… The telephone rings… The sound of cigar…a booming voice in a booming town Shattering the glasses of the drinking classes 1995 Puligny Montrachet, 400 quid a bottle…glug glug glug… Good buy…good boy One hundred years, one hundred…

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one night in bangkok

last night Hungary today Thailand tomorrow..? rolling down to dublin town….. about 150 blogs post on bangkok coup in first 59 minutes..

its not magic

“Smart Telecom plc is an Irish company, which is committed to attracting, retaining and developing the best people in a fast moving telecommunications industry.” source “Your phone number 18321xxx is serviced by the SUTTON exchange. This exchange is not on the Smart Broadband Network Build Programme. Please check back again at a later date.” “Welcome…

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Quiz: 73

when is 73 a palindrome (think navan), when 37 is also an ambigram (think doop) clue (1970’s football) €10 voucher for downloadmusic.ie for the first correct comment answer while you are trying to work it out listen to this. oooh look baltimore.ie is in cork now! 🙂 (since august 18th)

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top searches on irishblogs.ie

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