where’s me shop steward

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the limerick blogger went away, then he came back, what a week in limerick, what a post of the day. Like a coalition trying to find a timeline for a scrap so both look good when they face the electorate, what is on the cards for dell? I certainly do not want to talk up disaster, but memories of dunlop and packard and digital are weak in the minds of the young workforce. Terms like ballot and shop steward are not easily rolled of the tongue if you are 18 and have lived in an Ireland of wage restraint and “partnership” for mmm 18 years. Even more difficult when Dell in non unionised. Every citizen of Ireland in work has the right to be in a union, but the Irish solution to that is that companies like Dell do not have to recognise them.

time to get organised.

my final early morning thought is, how are Dell organised.

Dell’s Organisational structure
The senior management team in Ireland reports to the European headquarters, located in Bracknell, England.
Within its Sales and Support divisions, Dell’s organisational structure is quite typical of the technology sector – each division has a senior manager, who oversees the work of the division with a group of team leaders, who each have responsibility for a group of employees. The workforce is dominated by Sales and Marketing staff but also includes a significant Technical Support staff, as well as personnel working in Finance, Business Operations, IT and Human Resources divisions.
[posted from a Dell computer]