its not magic

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“Smart Telecom plc is an Irish company, which is committed to attracting, retaining and developing the best people in a fast moving telecommunications industry.” source
“Your phone number 18321xxx is serviced by the SUTTON exchange. This exchange is not on the Smart Broadband Network Build Programme. Please check back again at a later date.”

“Welcome to the Smart076 website. Please bear with us while testing is still in progress.”
look I think smart is a great idea, I use it for work but how can I use it more at home if the exchange wont shift. two years ago I tried that number and the exchange is still not EVEN ON THE build programme. then they announce job cuts in sales (076jobs) and one hears it costs a small fortune to run and not turn much profit. In light of the incumbent and its prices why can’t smart be smarter, build a network win customer and retain 3G licence it won then lost.

“The founder and chief executive of broadband and telecoms company Smart Telecom Oisin Fanning has decided to step down from the company, citing health reasons.” source

my fear is the Smart do an NTL phoneline u-turn and comreg leaves citizens high & dry again without a SP.

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