RTE to broadcast DRM to Europe?

according to http://www.rte.ie/radio1/thetubridyshow/1052921.html “In a new development, RTÉ will also transmit the finals (all ireland football & hurling) on DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale – AM digital radio) to most of Europe.” did this happen for Hurling on Sunday last? has there been a test. sitting with DRM radio and waiting. any news welcome via comments.

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ComReg says low power FM is license exempt

Siliconrepublic.com reports “The regulator has stipulated that low-power radio transmitter devices that operate in the broadcast band 87.5MHz to 108MHz are exempt for license.” wasn’t it odd that major telco can site a huge feckin mobile phone mast in a school yard or Wireless 2.4G broadband was exempt but 107.7FM was not…. hoist the jolly…

where is BHG?

weddings gigs car crashes work hospitals August forget August……. back to the diary room. I am over on musictipping.com making tips about what I thinks is good music…. just what I think. tony blair is clinging to power as BNFL sell off Sellafield in little parts. Can’t burn them fast enough, DVD sales of the…