Human League

song of the day: The Human League – Open Your Heart, heard on random walking in the rain on Dawson Street. got dart to connolly station, witnessed near death of two workmen working on points who where nearly hit by arrow on the north line, they were shoved out of the way my two colleagues,…

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days like these

day started with the end of Saturday night, the muzak at the blog awards ringing in my ears, Taxi driver from hell, long story short “thats not luggage” he said looking at my dj rig ! so you don’t want the business (i should have said) I forced the bad vibes on their head and…

SSIA / Little Star Fund

[disclaimer: doop host Little Star] [disclaimer2: i dont have an SSIA] thanks to michele & crew in Blacknight for the swift help last friday on this accounts domains…

Balcony TiVo

for the record. I got wind of the balcony TV take down from Inga in Boston who is on a different time zone to me. I did my usual 5 hours sleep but started at 11pm so was up at 4:30am. saw the issue. blogged it, and while I blogged it I was so pissed,…

Balcony TV off air

“we don’t need no stinking transmitters” ? or do we, when control of your content is in the hands of a network with less right of reply than a kangaroo court, perhaps a spare TX or two is handy. Not since the jamming of Sunshine Radio & Radio Nova has a Dublin 4 outfit had…

MTV gives youtube the sack reports For the second time in four months, Viacom has demanded that the video-sharing site remove all content from its networks, including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, Spike TV and BET, an estimated 100,000 clips total, after licensing talks broke down. see also will youtube give mtv the sack (25/1)

happy hour

He became press officer and compere for The Housemartins (appearing in the Music Video for “Happy Hour” in 1986) Who did? can you spot him.

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