Balcony TiVo

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for the record. I got wind of the balcony TV take down from Inga in Boston who is on a different time zone to me. I did my usual 5 hours sleep but started at 11pm so was up at 4:30am. saw the issue. blogged it, and while I blogged it I was so pissed, and answering Inga’s request for a fix/take down from a myspace & web site for the broken video’s I decided NO feck that I wont. I will re upload the videos. Now here is the science bit. You can and should take copies of stuff on youtube if you ever feel it may be removed by whomever! details on how to archive it will be at the bottom of this post.

So i went to my virgin youtube account, and uploaded the very FLVs I supplied to enterprise ireland a month ago for the midem bash in france. youtube took the FLVs that it once gave me and the two eleanor mcevoy videos are restored. o happy days (for me not balcony TV).

What the hell is youtube up to? i suspect Balcony TV was a director account? and had 223 vidz up there? and the cut off was ever so clinical? when migrated from majordomo to google groups (gg), GG had an oops, you can’t message 900 people an invite, who are you? kinda response. said who they were etc. and all was well. DMCA viacom is the tip of the iceberg, if WIPO gets podcasting inside the broadcast treaty, we are all doomed. Thankfully PodRepBod and its international partners including EFF & the international podcast group are keeping an eye to that area.

so mystery over, thats how at least two Balcony TV vidz of old survived..

there is a way to grab the feed of a youtube video.

using the firefox browser get a plugin (add on) called videodownloader

follow its instruction and change the file extension to .flv
and you have your own copy of the video without the youtube ‘dog’

you may play these files with a .flv player like FLV player

you are then able to one click convert it to things like a video iPod
with a tool like

all software discussed is Free/shareware/or Open source