going underground

as Friday / Saturday unfolded a song hit my head. well a line from a song “The public gets what the public wants” and then i started twittering it. The following tweets are all taken from the lyrics of the Jam’s Going Underground. Irish Election Jam1: The public gets what the public wants (but are…

regina spektor

as heard in the vodafone ireland advert with Hotel Song, Regina has been on the radar here for ages. enjoy this one called US.

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Radio Nacional de España

Radio Nacional de España old 1950’s ‘pilot’ radio in Dublin still working in 2007 – great sound – needs long wire for SW but its MW rocks.

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Fairshare for Portrane

A €140m regional treatment plant has been recommended for Portrane on North Dublin’s coastline to cater for the sewage treatment needs of South and West Dublin. The sewage plant is proposed to have the capacity to treat the wastewater for 850,000 people. Part of the proposal involves a 15-mile (22km) “orbital sewer? to carry untreated…

Precious little

“Precious little in your life Is yours by right And won without a fight”

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Presiding Officer: Don’t Stand So Close To Police

The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me how will Police support (PNSI) figure in the sectarian head count to a dissolved parliament based along sectarian division lines, when it was storm trooper securicrats that took down the Stromont govt. in october 2002 sting wears a Beat t-shirt.