Fairshare for Portrane

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A €140m regional treatment plant has been recommended for Portrane on North Dublin’s coastline to cater for the sewage treatment needs of South and West Dublin.

The sewage plant is proposed to have the capacity to treat the wastewater for 850,000 people. Part of the proposal involves a 15-mile (22km) “orbital sewer? to carry untreated sewage to the Portrane plant from as far away as Lucan.

The proposals are part of a €2.6bn plan which was recommended in a report called the “Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study?, sponsored by Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoighare Rathdown County Council, South Dublin CC, Wicklow CC, Kildare CC and Meath CC.

A campaign group, called Fairshare, has been set up to oppose the monster treatment plan. http://www.fairshare.ie