Human League

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song of the day: The Human League – Open Your Heart, heard on random walking in the rain on Dawson Street.

got dart to connolly station, witnessed near death of two workmen working on points who where nearly hit by arrow on the north line, they were shoved out of the way my two colleagues, all wore visability, no flag man, incident reported to station master then CTC. (video) Got LUAS to Kylemore for meeting #1. No shuttle to be seen and McDonald’s to Park West.

Traveled to¬† Sandyford by car for meeting #2. Way too early. Had coffee in the Balally Inn. I haven’t been in Wedgewood in donkeys years, who’s bright idea was it to build the Beacon there, secondly who’s bright idea was it to hoard away Wedgewood? do you think anyone will notice?

Finished meeting #2 outside the LUAS terminal in Sandyford, hopped my second LUAS of the day to the Green and DART home from Pearse. more later……….

Categorized as music, video