play away

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ITV is to suspend all its premium-rate interactive services from tomorrow (06/03) and take call-TV digital channel ITV Play off air while an independent audit is conducted into its participation TV output. [media guardian needs free sub]

surely it was always a rip off cost, how far need it go? to ban it. perhaps it was a covert op to teach big brother viewers how to spell so they could read the Sun. It follows my theory of Weather TV Casting. by the age of 25 I had seen so many weather forecasts on TV, if the casts had taught meteorology then I could have graduated with flying honours in Weather Forecasting, sadly it just told me where the rain fall and low temperatures would be tomorrow. TV is a much abused medium for the pursuit of audience figures and the chance to sell you some thing where a man comes on the TV and tells me how white my shirt can be, Echos of the sound of salesmen, of salesmen, OHHHHHHHH SALESMEN