days like these

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day started with the end of Saturday night, the muzak at the blog awards ringing in my ears, Taxi driver from hell, long story short “thats not luggage” he said looking at my dj rig ! so you don’t want the business (i should have said) I forced the bad vibes on their head and we ended up blasting the Clash off his CD player going down the Grange road.. chill out man.

last year blog awards (Mar’06) there was no real after party in house we just played

ghost town – the specials [for Ted]
She Cries Your Name – Beth Orton
Hands Off She’s Mine – The Beat
Waiting for the great leap forward – Billy Bragg [for me]
London Calling – The Clash
Wave Of Mutilation – pixies

next year second life will hear us; there was a concert this year I must fetch details of who we heard from SL man

[AM] i was leak but a dose of caffeine and c-span saw me into late lunch, the kids stayed in all morning what with the rain, then work work on off 4 – 1am 🙁 oh well that wasn’t a weekend day. lets fight for a 5 day working week with 35 hours and membership of a good trade union, working for your self has its downs and its minuses.

Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards “Faggot” @ CPAC

Henry Rollins writes a heartfelt letter to Ann Coulter.

finally I was at WP 2.1(0) and missed the 2.1.1 (lucky me) but I took the advise and got up to 2.1.2 just in case. It made my blog go very slow like 21sec requests when 0.3 is normal. it ended up being a bad side bar include file that “I” put in the sidebar.php all is well by process of elimination.