Sandi Thom gets the numebr one

as I predicted here on May 15th Sandi Thom got her number one in the UK singles chart with “i wish i was a prawn cracker” – So that clears the way for the release of the Album “Smile.. it confuses people” today 05/06/06 which I just downloaded inside 4 minutes. for €9 I may…

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new national anthem

The national anthem was written in English and translated to Irish. were stealing in back my way of re translation and a modernisation, We are Fianna Fail; We’re not egalitarian, We’ve ripped off you, a lot ruined, & more to do. Every things for sale Buy now, we’re selling faster Send money in brown paper…

at seventeen

” Remember those who win the game Lose the love they sought to gain In debentures of quality and dubious integrity Their small town eyes will gape at you In dull surprise when payment due Exceeds accounts received at seventeen” What was a rushed piece of legislation appeared rushed this morning as what was promised…

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Bernie Goldbach Netvisionary

Bernie Goldbach for Netvisionary 2006 – vote early & often BFG wotre this piece for ENN in Aug 2002. taken from As they embrace and use blogging software, some Irish developers acknowledge that the CMS industry have over-built their content management models. Three years ago Brian Greene, technical director at Doop Design, coded his…

bhg quits smoking

listening to “house of love” ‘Christine’ on iTunes radio stream…. Im off the smokes 33 days …. no patch no book no gum just eating rizla…….

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