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Aertel p132 reports…. BOI CHIEF EXECUTIVE WAS PAID E2.5M The chief executive of Bank of Ireland, Brian Goggin received a total remuneration (pay plus bonus and pension) of in excess of E2.5m for the financial year 2005/2006. This is a 31% increase on the E1.9m he received the previous year. In addition to his basic…

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Higgins V Bertie

Dáil Eireann 21/06/2006 The Taoiseach: As always, Deputy Joe Higgins would like to bring us back to the 1930s. Mr. Joe. Higgins (Socialist Party): They built more houses in the 1930s. The Taoiseach: Deputy Higgins loves asking questions—– Ms. Lynch: That is his job. The Taoiseach: —– but never wants to listen to any answers.…

European Podcasters Team Up To Lobby WIPO

SIGN THE PETITION PRESS RELEASE 19th June 2006 European Podcasters Team Up To Lobby WIPO Podcasters across the world have come together to emphatically reject the re-drafted Broadcast Treaty. the Irish Podcasting Representive Body (PodRepBod) has been joined by the UK Podcasters Association and German Podcastverband to lobby WIPO in a pan-european effort to assert…

breakdown hits RTE radio news at one

RTE radio one news this sunday was been struck by a technical breakdown, the new production system “crashed”. Nina Simone is playing out now from continuity. – and they’re back. 13:13pm

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