Higgins V Bertie

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Dáil Eireann 21/06/2006

The Taoiseach: As always, Deputy Joe Higgins would like to bring us back to the 1930s.

Mr. Joe. Higgins (Socialist Party): They built more houses in the 1930s.

The Taoiseach: Deputy Higgins loves asking questions—–

Ms. Lynch: That is his job.

The Taoiseach: —– but never wants to listen to any answers. He would love to return to the days of—–

Mr. M. Higgins: De Valera.

The Taoiseach: —–pathetic poverty when de Valera and Lemass built social houses, when no other houses were being built. People were living in council houses and had to emigrate because they had no jobs and no future.

Mr. Joe. Higgins (Socialist Party): Fianna Fáil was in power when that happened, not me.

Never mind the 3R’s its the 3Ds are ruining it for Berite. Diz & Dat & Doze feckin trots, ruining the Botanic Garden Socialism he founded 2 years ago, his clothing change on the road to Phibsboro, his letter to the back benchers, and his 1 anorak parable, blessed b Bertie. With the world cup group stages closing, perhaps now would be a good time to transfer the most prized player on to your team. Some TDs can’t be bought, for everyone else there’s the PDiddys (sean combs) — On another note when does the spending cap on elections begin? SIPO might want to look at DNE. And the billboards are up for the sandwich board candidate. is there a ‘Buy’ election coming up soon? how much will it cost?