Martin Brady TD on da radio/TV

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I have been on Near FM a lot recently speaking about

Mobile Phone Radiation x 2
Aer Lingus

May 7th was on Aer Lingus, I was on air to wish Aer Lingus a happy 70th birthday and tell the radio listeners on DNS (dee north side) what the Govt. of the day are giving Aer Lingus for their 70th year in operation. Martin Brady TD was also on the show, at one stage he tried to escape the studio [18:40sec], as the debate got too heated (not with me I might add). hear the shows presenter plead with Martin to stay, here. Martin Brady TD who is the third socialist in the Dail, sits on the transport committee, he came unprepared to speak about ‘road safety’.

On Saturday gone I was all set to picket his clinic in Baldoyle with Airport Workers, ETA 1.15pm, but the Siptu flying picket found Brady TD in Donaghmede with the added scalp of an RTE crew interviewing him re dentralizzzZZZZzzzzzation. Flying picket RTE crew and TD in a caravan on the side on the Grange road and a pissed of electorate in Dublin North/East re the sale of our national airline, cocktail for good TV. The footage was shown on a week in politics (briefly). Alas I missed it all and the flying picket never made it to Baldoyle. The keep Aer Lingus Flying Picket can been seen near worried FF clinics on Saturdays in the run up to a u-turn election.