protest restrictions in Dublin

Reports this morning said city manager John Fitzgerald urged councillors last night to support restrictions on protest marches on O’Connell Street, saying the right to protest had to be balanced with the rights of businesses and shoppers. – [via TCM] I think the right to protest is greater than right to shop. Read in conjunction…

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real audio reception reports

Any blog readers up late this weekend? reception reports welcome [by way of comment] for the following real audio broadcast rtsp:// thanks in advance

So cold the night

Temperature in Dublin dipped to -2 degrees Celsius at Dublin Airport over night. On this day two years ago give or take a leap year, on 29/02/2004 temperatures dipped to -6°C over night (about 4am) so in the 3-4 years Ive been recording Dublin temperature, the worst its been is only 4° worse than this…