Podcast one year on

show 15 is now out. click here 2 hear including interview with ninodoll.org Whipping Boy Exclusive track shout outs and promos

podcast shout in

I’m looking for shout in’s to my ‘1 year on’ podcast to be cut wednesday night 29/3. MP3 files can be sent to radio_AT_wxtc.net or CommentCast to 076 60 20 927 ext. 108 thanks in advance. and thanks for listening to the show [international listeners call +353 76 60 20 927 ext. 108]

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google & blogger

i have 2 blogs, this one is wordpress the other is blogger controlled. using statcounter.com for a week now and watching logs close for a week now and google loves the blogger made blog. it less likes the wp one, i wonder why?. is it the atom feed? is it my content? is it that…

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podcast #14

show 14 is now out. click here 2 hear SHOW NOTES Intro.. [00:00] Next show in 2 days – podcast one year on Interview with Robin Blandford about comment casting IEN Promo ends [16:46]

Che loves Pizza

Swords Co. Dublin residents can dial a Rebel and get a Pizza BHG is astonished no one spotted these fake ATM’s that are going up everywhere

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B&Q couldn’t give an F

well it was Atlantic that was outa stock. but the F connectors in B&Q are the worlds worst. They are made by master plug in China under ISO 9022 quality system. So whats so bad about them, well the screw end is too short to get a good connection and too short to easily work…

odd goings on in the county council

back in Oct 2004 a Green Party councillor in Wicklow had her tape recorder confiscated for recording proceedings in the chamber of the council. from the Examiner October 12, 2004: Yesterday’s meeting was temporarily suspended when a member of the public gallery alerted officials that one councillor was recording the proceedings. Green Party councillor Deirdre…

Polish TV in Ireland

for the 100,000 plus members of the polish community in Ireland here are some Satellite TV channels available in Ireland. for the millions of Irish in Europe – RTE and Sky did a deal, and you can not see RTE free to air on Satellite. 4 Fun TV Hot Bird 4 Edusat Hot Bird 1…