B&Q couldn’t give an F

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well it was Atlantic that was outa stock. but the F connectors in B&Q are the worlds worst. They are made by master plug in China under ISO 9022 quality system. So whats so bad about them, well the screw end is too short to get a good connection and too short to easily work on in cold wet out door environments. Secondly the the inner opening was so narrow centre core coaxial could tip it if you were not careful.

Why do DIY stores stock so many Belling-Lee connectors (the bog standard TV connector) when NTL and Satellite boxes are all gone F type in the past 8-10 years? do they stock too little of the F’s or are they stocked but in constant demand. I tend to panic buy, and it helps, for you never now when you’ll have to make some friend / neighbour / relation a patch lead or fix their TV at 10pm because you are the only person who understands the term ‘Coax me solder’ which is a deliberate misinterpretation of ‘solder my coax’ …. you know who you are.

While on the theme of shopping and only days pasts the ending of the ‘1987 Groceries Order’ where prices are to naturally lower (?) Nivea Face Creme cost per litre is €44. Tip to Nivea makers, don’t do bio fuels.