odd goings on in the county council

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back in Oct 2004 a Green Party councillor in Wicklow had her tape recorder confiscated for recording proceedings in the chamber of the council.

from the Examiner October 12, 2004: Yesterday’s meeting was temporarily suspended when a member of the public gallery alerted officials that one councillor was recording the proceedings. Green Party councillor Deirdre de Burca was forced to hand over the tape recorder despite insisting that she had it for her own protection.

She said at a previous meeting another member had called her a “pathological liar, scumbag and b***h? and the chairman had not intervened to stop the abuse or seek a retraction. “I had a very unpleasant experience here before. It was for my own protection.? she said.

but now it seems the councils can broadcast proceedings, Fingal Co Co are doing just that see .here.

not the most riveting TV perhaps City TV might take a look at this as filler content. Unless a Wicklow punch up re match is broadcast! but a progression none the same. it would appear the Fingal copyright allows free distribution of the sites content for “…bona fide personal use and also for the recopying of all or any of the contents of the web site for genuine and bona fide information dissemination purposes…” would that include a recode from wmv to MP4 to iPod. test test test. so now we see where our bin tax €7.50 a lift is being spent.