protest restrictions in Dublin

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Reports this morning said city manager John Fitzgerald urged councillors last night to support restrictions on protest marches on O’Connell Street, saying the right to protest had to be balanced with the rights of businesses and shoppers. – [via TCM]

I think the right to protest is greater than right to shop. Read in conjunction with previous comments re protesting in general and one riotous protest. I smell a rat, let riot happen and travel and get out of control coz not enough thought went into the garda planning, first ban posters promoting any march and then first opportunity ban/restrict all protest marches.

Last year 39 marches were held on that street, does this not say more about the times we are in? the increase in number of protests, the increase in turn out at these protests, points to

A. the need for more protest
B. Regime Change by way of revolution

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