this day in music 2001, former Beatle George Harrison died in Los Angeles of lung cancer aged 58. Tributes to George were made worldwide by The Queen, George Bush, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Martin and Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher. ~ 5 years ago today

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The Two Ronnies

ITV3+1=0 ~ why have a +1 when you can’t show it. 9pm 24/11/2006 so show us something else; or play some music or even my podcast…

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polonium-210 fingerprints

CNN reports ~ A former Russian spy who died Thursday in London was poisoned by radiation, Britain’s Health Protection Agency said, and experts are searching for “residual radioactive material” at a number of locations he may have visited. [anti-theft news says] radiation has a fingerprint, experts have found that the most radioactive sea in the…

doopy is dead viva habana

after a short illness the doop server died gracefully [or not so] on monday morning at 09.10am. doopy started out life as a PC and was re-specked to be a web server. It out lived its use by date and to think its twin 60GB hard disks hold as much as an old iPod now.…

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