doopy is dead viva habana

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after a short illness the doop server died gracefully [or not so] on monday morning at 09.10am. doopy started out life as a PC and was re-specked to be a web server. It out lived its use by date and to think its twin 60GB hard disks hold as much as an old iPod now. doopy as it became known was first called cuba but the doopy name stuck. It served doopdesign well, at its peak it had 260 accounts 80+ domains 1000 seat realaudio and served our 60 hosted clients well. In August we began moving out clients to doopy’s (ne cuba) replacement a 2U dell raid-10 server called habana (doopy2) and by Monday 9am all but 10% remained. Mail lists clients were last to move and monday night was the time scheduled to move them, but back ups on habana were required as doopy fried with monday a.m. traffic. thanks to the dooponians and dojo admins for the helping hand in the busiest week Ive had since ever. Thanks to other admins that remain nameless and the staff at blacknight for their service and support. doop choose blacknight for colo, coz they are really nice people on top of everything else. now if C&W would only callback I would be chuffed. it seems a colo cancellation is not big deal to C&W but when I got two calls within 15 mins from belfast about cancellation of ‘fibre’ in coolock i knew they crossed their cables again. oops nearly forgot, thanks to rory & mark in nevada for all the hands eyes and help over the years…… viva habana

on a seperate note, never try to fix a WP install with a zone alarm pro running,,, to much session killing activity… yuk.

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