polonium-210 fingerprints

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CNN reports ~ A former Russian spy who died Thursday in London was poisoned by radiation, Britain’s Health Protection Agency said, and experts are searching for “residual radioactive material” at a number of locations he may have visited.

[anti-theft news says] radiation has a fingerprint, experts have found that the most radioactive sea in the world (the irish sea) has spread radiation for BNFL sellafield as far away as Norway, and the fingerprint shows whos radiation it is, like rfid tags in London’s litter.

So the people that radiated mr. Litvinenko with polonium-210 will be traced? being no radiation expert, i wonder if the ionizing process leaves a unique pattern allowing the NHS and met police to arrest the agents that poisoned Litvinenko. How easy is it to get polonium in central London? when I got my shoes and socks xrayed in the airport last week??

I hope the gardai on duty outside the rusky embassy during the cold war didnt take up the Russian tea offer. I had Russian tea once, a really old guy living inside the magazine fort in the Phoenix Park made it for me in a pot on an open fire [c1997]. tasted like …. eating 210 polo-nium mints.