last TOTP recorded today

today is the final recording day of British chart countdown TV show ‘Top of The Pops‘. If you are under 40 years of age look away now. Back in its day, this show was unmissible, there was no pop radio except Lux and weekend am pirates and this show had all the top acts, like…

the drug of the nation

more pictures from the TV July 24/25 Including Al Jazeera, Tele Liban, Al Manar (26E), LBC, feeds, Saudi TV, SHARJAH TV, BBC World, CNN, Russia Today, Sudan & Syrian TV previous is series july 15 2006

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the issue of cybersquatting .ie domains continues. the page that etc point to were blogged about here & here & reported here, NOW IT HAS AN ADVERT for Hosting365 the Irish ISP. The advert was added to multiple pages and sites that are hosted at mneylon wrote about this Of course…

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stop the killing

workers of the world unite (again) stop the war – join the demo saturday July 29th Garden of Remembrance Dublin 2pm

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empty vessels

empty vessels make the most sound. MTV is 25 years old next week. born out of the cable explosion of the 1980s how will the network cope with youtube like longtails of the music industry? MTV/viacom is on the m$ side of the iTunes debate. M$ have announced Zune to battle it out with iPod.… down due to power failure

below is a msg I failed to post this morning, then myspace came back and it seemed naff to post it late, them bbc wrote this, and now myspace is down again, no backup power? TOO MANY SUVs, keep sucking BUSH. -update 01:42am myspace login works again. 8

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