empty vessels

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empty vessels make the most sound. MTV is 25 years old next week. born out of the cable explosion of the 1980s how will the network cope with youtube like longtails of the music industry? MTV/viacom is on the m$ side of the iTunes debate. M$ have announced Zune to battle it out with iPod. MTV dont play much music video on its main channel anymore. Its seems MTV is a good seeding service for the likes of youtube, but if the bands CC their works and upload direct to bolt.com and others then the seeding is less required. MTV is established in the pay TV satellite world and cable (from where it came), while many tv networks BBC ITV C4 have all made moves to free to air services over the past 3 years. I dont get MTV, and if I did I would not watch it, the thoughts of another cribs with a wanna be star of reality tv, well its not my cuppa tea. “I want my” “Music TeleVision” to have music played on it, I want to be able to direct the play list myself, and if I must I will lean forward and alter the xml feed that will do this for me. Flux.it which I watch on 16E is owned by MTV Networks…. I may give a clue as to how MTV will survive the web2.0. Flux is italian but click the star spangled and its in english… It wants users to upload video, some of which goes on air…. it podcasts too.

Happy 25th MTV – you’re getting old, losing touch (or is it me) and a tad over stretched as a brand. Hope all goes well in the future – oh and thanks for putting up some news for me on your european teletext service August 1st 1995…..

speaking of Italian TV – AXN Italia is FTA to irish digiboxes and FTA boxes. It’s a Sony TV product and it dubs hit US TV shows to italian and is available on 28 degrees east 11428H SR22000 FEC 5/6