down due to power failure

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below is a msg I failed to post this morning, then myspace came back and it seemed naff to post it late, them bbc wrote this, and now myspace is down again, no backup power? TOO MANY SUVs, keep sucking BUSH.

-update 01:42am myspace login works again.

8< 8<  8<  8<  8< that was 9 hours ago - myspace says

hey everyone! there’s been a power outage in our data center. we’re in the process of fixing it right now, so sit tight. hopefully we’ll be back online within the hour. its 6:40pm PST now. wanna place a bet? -Tom says something different

Site will be down for maintenance from 2:00AM PST to around 4:00AM PST. July 24, 2006.

15 minutes left there then.

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