Time to re float the Voice of Peace

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Pop pirate ship Voice of Peace broadcast from international waters to the middle east from ’73 – ’93 when it was intentionally sank after the signing of the Oslo Peace Accord [nov ’93]. While I never heard the Voice of Peace on air, I was kept update of all its troubles by various anorak radio news progs in the 80s & 90s. All media has slant (including this blog).. fox sky bbc cnn c4 euronews (from right to left) they all have it. While israel wants NATO, the 3 leading NATO countries cant hit the ground in South Lebanon. While the UN want in the Israeli’s wont welcome them (not that it’s their call), what is most criminal is that the Bush Govt. is letting the IDF bomb the shit (to use a Bush word) out of South Beirut & South Lebanon, continued silence and inaction from the self elected world police force for 4 more days as Condi does Asia. “I think it’s important that we not fall into the trap of moral equivalency here,” US Ambassador to UN John Bolton told CNN Sunday in defence of the bombing to pieces of the infrastructure of their nearest neighbour to the north killing in excess of 300 citizens of Lebanon.
“Give Peace a chance – the video”

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