Garda website still down

Since at least Thursday evening has been down. I called the Garda press office Saturday and they were unaware as their default home page is a deep link on the same site. Yes deep links work and i was able to ping it, just someone or thing stole the gardai home page on the…

can’t retract XML

as Michele Neylon has told me over and over, once it published its out there. RTE reported on the killing on Monday night at 11pm. they said and Google News has it “The shooting took place on waste ground in the Kilbarrack area at around 11pm last night.” I passed this location 50 minutes before…

whack a TD in the Dáil

yesterday I watched Mary Harney texting on Nokia 3310(?) she was taking a question at the time across the floor , or a rebuttal to a question answer exchange. First off its bad manners, secondly texting celebs to ask them to stand as parachute candidates for the PDs while sitting in the Irish Parliament should…

jingle casting

I had this idea for ringtone jingles or a paid version of ringtone adverts – as my current ringtone since xmas day last year is a podcast of mine,,,, but as always Im not alone in my thinking wrote in ’03 Remember the ’80s? When brands like Nike and Lacoste introduced the brilliant idea…

will you?

You drink your coffee and I sip my tea And we’re sitting here playing so cool, thinking “What will be, will be” But it’s getting kind of late now Oh I wonder if you’ll stay now, stay now, stay now, stay now Or will you just politely say goodnight? photo from

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its easy being greene

“its easy being green” FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE (#9) Which is the Greener Gender? Branching Out (building tree houses) It Pays to Recycle

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