whack a TD in the Dáil

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yesterday I watched Mary Harney texting on Nokia 3310(?) she was taking a question at the time across the floor , or a rebuttal to a question answer exchange. First off its bad manners, secondly texting celebs to ask them to stand as parachute candidates for the PDs while sitting in the Irish Parliament should be banned. Where is ding dong rory o’h when this kind of behaviour is happening.

Having watched the PD conference live on TV last weekend, I first noticed that PDs and YPDs are in bad need of more public speaking practice (aren’t we all) but also, the amount of mobiles on silent (not switched off) at the lectern was amazing. A quick search of the web and you could have scored points. See a speaker, id name, google for mobile number, ring them, again & again all the way through their talk, firstly the vibrate in their pocket will distract them and secondly, mother natures way of radiating radiation all over the speaker system will count for 10 points. 20 points for live TV.

“Switch off your mobiles” means off NOT silent.
for whom the bell tolls? it tolls for thee

anyone know the guidelines for TDs and mobile in the Dail? anyone from Windmill Lane TV productions care to comment?