jingle casting

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I had this idea for ringtone jingles or a paid version of ringtone adverts – as my current ringtone since xmas day last year is a podcast of mine,,,, but as always Im not alone in my thinking

trendwatching.com wrote in ’03

Remember the ’80s? When brands like Nike and Lacoste introduced the brilliant idea (for them) of making customers pay to display their logos? Ever since, human branding has seen extremes like tattooed logos on body parts, and brand icons shaved onto heads. Now, with the current wildfire-like spread of mobile/cell phones, expect audio to be added to people’s branding expressions. Enter JINGLE CASTING. New generation phones sport features like ‘16-voice Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) synthesizers’, meaning, in plain English, that jingles and ring tones are reproduced with previously unattain-able sound quality. So what’s to stop corporations and organizations from persuading consumers to download their company jingles, commercials or political cries for change? Using cell phones to broadcast commercials, tunes and jingles could well be the next big thing in the multi-billion euro ring tone industry. TRENDWATCHING.COM can’t wait to hear “Always Coca-Cola!? being JINGLE CAST from a million hand-helds, handies, cell-phones, mobiles, and keitais 😉