Tesco Ireland price difference

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While shopping at Tesco this morning I noticed a Tesco own brand 16 piece dinner set for 6.97 or €13.99. 6.97 equals €10.14, that is €3.85 less than the listed price.

I fully respect Tesco’s right to set prices, its rare we see the differential at all, good to note the price hike. I chose not to buy it.

If I lived near the border I could buy this item for €3.85 less. Whats with the markup? Its their own brand and not subject to RRP from manufacturer. Tesco customer care is due to call me and explain.

Every Little (hidden markup) Helps!

from the Tesco web site,

“Our Value own label range offers over 1,000 products in every section of the store, including fruit and vegetables, meat, groceries, drinks, cleaning products and clothing. It represents the best value low price range of groceries available to consumers in Ireland.”

“Our sustained price cutting campaign has helped bring down Ireland’s national inflation figures – food price inflation has consistently run below the overall inflation rate.”

“Tesco Ireland is committed to conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner.”