Big L – Radio London on 1395 kHz

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This takes me back to my youth, no l’m not old enough to remember big L first time round, but 1980’s caroline + laser558 I do remember. So when I left for work on tuesday @ 10am I was tuned to newstalk106, when I turned on the radio at 1.50am wanting to tune in 909khz I switched to AM but was halted in turning the dial by not the sound of the five live boys but the sound of the five lamp boys, boomtown rats, rat trap[1978#1]

DJ bex marshall is on air. The sound is mixing with french jazz station every 3 minutes for 20 seconds. Otherwise its classic radio under the blanket, rats sabath police bruce & stones all played in the last 20 minutes. Podcasting is fun but dx’ing still beats it! Big L is now on air 11 days, its also on $ky digital epg, DRM Big L would be nice 😉
73’s bhg

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