end of the spam as we know it

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no, i don’t predict the end of spam as we know it, but reading the latest crop of spam, I read between the spammers lines that they might guess that their days might be numbered so they are going all out for now to make hay while the sun shines,

the porn spam has gotten even more vulgar (as if it could) and like the hey day of growing empires of spam, selling on and co-opting in would be fall guys to buy lists and believe in spam, as if there would be safety in numbers come a clamp down.

when authorities raid free radio stations (pirates) they (the authorities) only cause a stir and help drive it further underground, many a time 1 station would be raided & 2 return from the same stable by way of split or self preservation.

now spammers will never get the street cred protection free radio gets, but selling on packages tends to indicate they want a sea of other spammers out there with them (safety in numbers) or/and they are selling on list while they perceive them (lists) to have any value before a major clamp down makes 24 million addys (for use) look like a crime in itself.

they have always tried to sell on lists, there’s one fool dialing up every minute, but Im just watching a short trend, like one week its drugs, before it was scams or something else, and im just seeing a trend since thursday/friday … anyway I could be wrong.

btw, a tuned up spam assassin & GMail are keeping out 1000’s (400 daily) of spam
and lettin in about 12 spam mails per day, safety in numbers, most
spam in marked by the GMail community before it hits my spam box and we all play our part.

and I feel fine,
happy 5th birthday to blogger.com