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Have you ever met a homeless server? & why is hosting so expensive? I have a hosting bill for a single co-lo box that is more expensive that a 10 year old mortgage + I provide utility to the mortgaged house such as standing orders on ESB TV licence GAS water (oops no abolished that in 1996) + broadband

so Im buying the house (one day I will own it)
I already own the server its fully paid for..
I provide utilities to the House
the ISP provide esb fuel + bandwidth to server
the House is 904sq. feet worth ?300K+
the server is a little box with a fan worth ?800
my House increased in value 500% in 10Y
the server devalued the day I bought it (murphy & moores law)

I just cant see why the AIB an Bank of Ireland cant see the biz op in hosting when the margins are so much greater than the over heated Irish housing market (I mean Irish housing crisis )

so is my mortgage too cheap at ?300pm or is my hosting to expensive? perhaps I should re mortgage my gaff and set up a hosting company, Im sure the bank man would understand this logic better that I.