posterous trouble

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I had a new experience with posterous today. we all know posterous is dead simple to use so how did i make it difficult?

well I tried to add a new joint admin via their posterous phone app easy? should be. but there is a catch. user doesn't have a posterous account. user doesnt have their email password. user doesn't have access to a PC. 

I had access to a PC but not the new users phone. I tried to talk this problem through over the phone, but in the end I had to get the phone brought to me. 

The lesson I learned was that really simple apps can leave you a little disconnected if you are not already fully connected.

In the end the gmail on the android came to the rescue. Got the user an account, confirmed by mail the admin invite to other posterous blog sorted. a bit messy but really not possible for a newbie. Complicated coz the user was a subscriber to the blog before being an admin, but my admin access sorted that. 

note to self: simple apps could do with complex sub sub menus to navigate the problems.