“Latest statement from Homebond requires government reaction” Clare Daly TD

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The decision by Homebond to withdraw compensation offers to housholders whose houses have suffered major structural damage due to the presence of heave-inducing pyrite is outrageous.

Homebond having under-insured houses for decades are walking away from their responsibilities leaving thousands of families devastated in Dublin West, Dublin North, Meath, Kildare and Offaly.

Socialist Party TD, Clare Daly, stated, ‘These householders purchased over-priced houses at the height of the boom, believing that the Building Regulations and Homebond Insurance protected them from unforeseen major structural damage.’

Joe Higgins, Socialist Party TD in Dublin West added, ‘The Department of the Environment and local authorities were responsible for the Building Regulations which failed to prevent this disaster. Homebond’s abandonment of these householders now means that Minister Hogan and the government must commit to repairing the damaged houses and recovering the costs from housebuilders, quarry owners and the insurance industry.’