Norman Cook / Beats International – For Spacious Lies

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Norman Cook – For Spacious Lies by umusic

you can buy what money buys and call it friends,
you can lie with spacious lies for ur own ends
democracy is just a word its often used and seldom heard
and freedoms just a song but why do but we pretend
you can call your tv priests be born again
the man with the ten gallon hats and the seven pound braids
but all these ghosts wont help you now,as we struggle through our finest hour
but the army fights for money but we fight for peace

And you wont put out this flame it burns so bright through any wind any rain
no you’ll never put out the fire the dream that will burn on and on…

you can kill, wheel, deal, steal if you believe
the end lies just 65 miles north opf Tel Aviv
well the comfiness buys our cocaine, do you buy and sell ours just the same?
The conscience is as foul as the air that you breathe