RTE 567khz to be axed

RTE press release on MW cut off dated today http://url.ie/8ag UK Irish / Maritime community Note: LW252 carries considerably further than MW RTÉ plans to axe Radio 1’s medium wave 567Khz service on 24 March 2008. expect a big backlash. 1278khz 2FM had none. no mention of DRM and the trials that RTE did on…

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edros site amenity zoning gone

yesterday local councillors Cllr Healy Maher & Cosgrave supported the material contravention that gave way to development on the Edros site. photo taken in march 2003 at a previous rezoning attempt at the site. in November in the Irish Times cllr Healy having objected to the planning application said the following Watch this Space Opposition…

more radar love

data from met eireann, animation by wxman smaller animation for mobiles ireland rain radar

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Save Tara

Save Tara Valley protesters played dodge with TV crews on the morning of The Solstice 2007 (22/dec) and using spy satellites from space we can see how close they got. TaraWatch.org

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School Principals of Ireland time to tell the Government where to stick it.

€3.50 per child water tax bin the bill Tens of thousands of litres of water leak from the mains water to the ground water every day. Children sit in drafty prefab rooms in need of repair, FF/GP/PD govt give nowhere near the cap grant they promised in May ’07 and class sizes promised to INTO…