edros site amenity zoning gone

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yesterday local councillors Cllr Healy Maher & Cosgrave supported the material contravention that gave way to development on the Edros site.

photo taken in march 2003 at a previous rezoning attempt at the site.

in November in the Irish Times cllr Healy having objected to the planning application said the following

Watch this Space

Opposition to apartments on amenity-zoned site in Howth

A proposal to grant planning permission for apartments on Howth’s largest amenity-zoned site would be a massive blow to the community, says Green Party Cllr David Healy.

Pierse Contracting is looking to build 64 apartments and a café in five blocks on the Edros site beside the Martello Tower in Howth, which was a community sports amenity until eight years ago.

Healy says the development would have a major visual impact on historical and amenity routes and locations in Howth, including views from Abbey Street, St Mary’s Abbey, Tower Hill, Balscadden Road, Ted Hayden’s field and East Pier, and would be out of keeping with the historic character of this important heritage area. Fingal County Council is proposing to use a material contravention procedure to allow a breach of the development plan which would require a three-quarters majority of the councillors to support it.

“There have been suggestions that the developer give money towards the development of amenities elsewhere in Howth. However, in the absence of concrete plans for such facilities, such as planning permission and capital funding arrangements, money itself carries no guarantee of results,” says Healy.

has planning permission and capital funding arrangements been granted? NO.

Howth needs a community centre. The new proposed site is 0.8 miles from the village, welcome as it is to the community it has not got the access that the open space site at edros had. I wish the groups that are working hard to site a new community centre in Howth every success in the future. It is a great pity the best amenity site in Howth will not be part of their plans. Edros site was gifted to the people of Howth but yesterday it was gifted to the developer to make tens of millions more now that the dev plan has been materially contravened and the site (he owns) is no longer to be used for open space / amenity.