RTE 567khz to be axed

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RTE press release on MW cut off dated today http://url.ie/8ag UK Irish / Maritime community Note: LW252 carries considerably further than MW
RTÉ plans to axe Radio 1’s medium wave 567Khz service on 24 March 2008. expect a big backlash. 1278khz 2FM had none.

no mention of DRM and the trials that RTE did on DRM. This looks like they increased the licence fee but after 82 years think that the fuel bill is too high. DRM has a fuel saving of over 75% on AM alone.

March 25th 2008 new AM pirate radio service to start broadcasting on 567Khz. you heARD it here first

according to my calcs rte with 50% listenership and 85% national daily radio listenership of all radio in Ireland and 10% of radio 1 listeners not on FM (RTE figure) and Ireland population = ~4M it will only affect 170,000 radio sets.

Categorized as enviro, radio